Minnesota Drug Detox Programs and Minnesota Alcohol Detox Programs

The goal of a drug detox program or alcohol detox program is to eliminate toxins from the body accumulated by years of drug use. There are many different Minnesota drug detox programs with many different types of drug detox philosophies. We believe the safest and most effective type of drug detox or alcohol detox is a medical detox program. By a medical detox program, we mean a drug detox program or alcohol detox program that is located within a drug rehab facility or addiction treatment center and is complete with 24 hour nursing, a physician trained in addiction medicine (ASAM certified) and 24 hour addiction treatment staff capable of supporting the patient as they transition through the drug detox program.

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol and discontinues their use, they will experience drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. There are physical withdrawal symptoms and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Depending which substance a person is dependent upon, will determine the type of withdrawal symptoms they will experience. The main goal of a Minnesota drug detox program is to minimize and manage any symptoms associated with drug withdrawal and reduce and then eliminate cravings. This is usually accomplished through the dispensing of specific detox medications, which can be adjusted from time to time according to the severity of the drug withdrawal symptoms. The nature and severity of the withdrawal symptoms vary greatly depending on the particular drug or drugs that were being used as well as the frequency of use. Presently, there are few people who use one drug exclusively. It is very common to see individuals in drug detox that use alcohol and crystal meth, or alcohol and prescription medications. Due to the effectiveness of detox medications, people no longer have to suffer while going through drug withdrawal. Of course, this depends upon the physician’s knowledge as it relates to addiction medicine.

In addition to managing drug withdrawal symptoms a drug detox program should be able to manage the medical problems that present themselves during the drug detox process. These medical problems may be present upon admission or arise during drug detox. In either case, this is where the importance of a medical detox program can make the greatest difference.

Lastly, but no less important, is the Minnesota drug detox program’s ability to asses the patient’s need for ongoing drug rehab or residential addiction treatment. Research demonstrates that the vast majority of people that enter a Minnesota detox program and DO NOT transition into a drug rehab program or inpatient addiction treatment, end up in relapse. This is not a reflection on the effectiveness of the drug detox program in Minnesota, but rather difficulty associated with recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Drug detox is performed in many different environments with a variety of philosophies. One detox program is not necessarily the right drug detox program for everyone. It is imperative to review the detox program’s philosophy, medical services and credentials. Make sure the medical detox program is located in the drug rehab facility to allow for a smooth transition into their residential addiction services. As mentioned earlier, safety and effectiveness are the key elements to keep in mind when choosing a drug detox program or alcohol detox program in Minnesota. For these reasons we urge you seek a medical detox program.

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Is a Drug Detox Program Different Than an Alcohol Detox Program?

When a person refers to an alcohol detox program or drug detox program, they are actually referring to the substance the person is going to detox from. While detox programs in Minnesota might differ on the actual drug detox protocol they utilize, inpatient drug detox in Minnesota and inpatient alcohol detox program services are generally the same. A person’s length of stay in alcohol detox or drug detox is determined by how long it takes the individual to become medically stable and free of drug withdrawal or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This varies depending upon the substance, length of use, frequency of use, method of use, combination of other substances and associated medical and psychiatric issues.

To maintain the highest quality of care, the drug detox program should be located within a drug rehab or alcohol rehab facility to insure a seamless transition into the actual drug rehab or alcohol treatment process. The drug detox program should have as a minimum, 24 hour nursing, a physician trained in addiction medicine (ASAM certified) and an addiction treatment staff capable of providing ongoing support for the patient in alcohol detox or drug detox program. The medical detox program and drug rehab should be licensed by the state in which they reside, as well as, accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

Minnesota Drug Detox and Minnesota Drug Rehab

According to data collected by TEDS, a total of 57,435 admissions to alcohol rehab programs in Minnesota or drug addiction treatment programs in Minnesota, took place in 2004. 21.3% of these admissions were for the treatment of alcohol addiction only and 14.6% alcohol with a secondary drug. Marijuana represented 16.5 of the addiction treatment admissions followed by 14.6% for cocaine addiction treatment admissions to drug rehabs in Minnesota.

While there are many drug detox programs in Minnesota and drug rehabs in Minnesota, the problem people run into is which drug rehab is best for me? Which alcohol detox program and alcohol rehab program will provide me the best opportunity to recover? The best answer is to rely on an addiction treatment professional for guidance.

They will be able to match your personal addiction treatment needs with the services provided in a particular drug rehab program or drug detox program. If a person is looking for a GLBT friendly drug rehab, a dual diagnosis treatment program, requires medical attention due to Hepatitis C or HIV while in detox or prefers a particular addiction treatment philosophy, an addiction treatment professional will be better equipped to guide you toward the most effective medical detox program or drug rehab.

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